“Uncanny, The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo” is a short documentary about renowned
Venezuelan plastic artist currently residing in Florida, Mariana Monteagudo; her creative process and her inspirations behind her intriguing, eerie and culturally hybrid doll sculptures, all made of repurposed materials that were originally waste. In the film, we closely follow Mariana into the creation of her new doll series “Uncanny”, and topics like capitalism, immigration, maternity, contemporary art, terror and the repurposing

of objects are explored.

Coming from a strong family tradition of ceramists in Venezuela, Mariana loves giving a life to objects that are discarded by our society. Like a waste picker, she walks around neighborhoods to salvage gems from people's bulk trashes, rescuing textiles or baseball balls, plastic bottles of orange juice or an old unkempt teddy bear. Mariana also visits local thrift stores looking for unwanted objects that may excite her creativity,  contributing second with the processes of upcycling and reuse. To her, everything has the potential for inspiration and hybridism, and that's the way she lives her life: continuously seeking, always resuscitating abandoned things, permanently combining and thinking ahead of time and placing her faith into the most unimagined creations. But when you see those dolls, everything makes sense, and a magical symbiosis is initiated, resulting in the reflection of today’s globalized and interconnected world.

film website: https://www.uncannydollsfilm.com/

This film was shaped by a one-woman-band crew.


Produced by Elaine Minionis, filmmaker.
Duration: 28:36min
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